Frequently Asked Questions

When was Support Telecom formed?

Incorporated in 2007, Support Telecom is part of the Mayflower Group of Companies, who have been providing telecoms solutions since 1987 to both UK businesses and throughout EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) and still continue to do so today 

Like Mayflower, Support Telecom prides itself on building relationships and adding value to all its Partners and suppliers

Why would I switch to Support Telecom?

By moving your telephone line rental and calls to Support Telecom, you immediately become a Business Partner 

When you refer other businesses to our Partner Programme, who also become Business Partners, you start to create a monthly residual income

This is based on a tried and tested referral model and doesn’t require you to buy anything new; it simply leverages a cost you are already paying and unlike other telecom services in the UK, allows you to grow a significant residual income, simply by sharing the idea with your existing business relationships


Can you provide the same service as our current provider?

It is our aim to use the same telecoms infrastructure as you already have in place

We will endeavour to improve upon and deliver a better customer service experience than other telecom providers, with the added benefit of paying monthly residual income to all companies and individuals who decide to become active Partners

We are also proud to be working with Gamma Group PLC, one of Europe’s leading business telecoms providers, to ensure the highest level of technical capability underpins our service. In addition, Gamma is a fully certified CarbonNeutral® company, enabling us to provide a superior service in terms of environmental impact

Initially we are offering the following services: 

All Landlines; Analogue/ISDN/SIP 
Call charges: local, national, mobile, international and non-geographical numbers (08/09 etc) 
Data connections: DSL, FTTC, FTTP, private circuits etc.

To find out exactly how this works, please see the video below for a full explanation:

What is Crowdsharing?

You may have heard the term "Crowdfunding"

Well here at Support Telecom, we like to describe our model as "Crowdsharing" - as we share our profits with all of our Partners

Read more or see our video below to find out how this works:

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What is Cashback on Calls?

Our  “cashbackoncalls” opportunity is designed to create a monthly residual income by simply leveraging our Business Partners telephone bills.  We are passionate about working with all our Partners and helping them to achieve greater financial freedom through our "Crowdsharing" platform

Initially the service was created to support charities, and our local hospice, St. Lukes in Basildon, Essex, has been benefiting from this initiative for the past decade

Due to its success, we are now extending this opportunity to SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises), larger enterprise organisations, as well as educational and health authorities throughout the UK

So, if you’d like to learn how to create an unlimited residual income, please talk to the person who invited you to look at our website, or simply call 0800 804 8800 for more details

To find out exactly how this works, please watch the video below:

What is my Matrix?

Your Matrix shows people and businesses you have referred to Support Telecom who have chosen to become either Referral or Business Partners, plus any additional Partners who have subsequently joined on the basis of their referral

You receive commission five levels deep, on the value of all Business Partners' telephone bills

To see how this works in practice and how much money can potentially be made, please watch the videos below:

What's the difference between a Business and Referral Partner?

Business Partner Criteria:

  1. Be out of contract with your current telecommunications provider
  2. Your telephone bill must meet our qualification process
  3. Join our Partner Programme for a minimum term of 12 months, thereafter on monthly rolling contract
  4. Refer your business contacts to the Partner Programme
  5. The rates you pay for line rental and call charges remain the same as your current provider (this is defined by analysis of your current telephone bill)

How to move forward:  

As a Business Partner, you simply refer your business contacts to the programmeThere is no limit to the number of Business or Referral Partners you may introduce, you then simply show them how to duplicate your efforts on their first level (this becomes your second level)

The earning potential is unlimited! 

Initially, we are offering the following services:

All Landlines; Analogue/ISDN/SIP 
Call charges: local, national, mobile, international and non-geographical numbers (08/09 etc) 

Data connections: DSL, FTTC, FTTP, private circuits etc.

Referral Partner Criteria

As a Referral Partner, you simply refer your business contacts to the programme. There is no limit to the number of Business or Referral Partners you may introduce, you then simply show them how to duplicate your efforts on their first level (this becomes your second level) 

For further details, please view our video

Do I have to sell anything?

To grow a substantial income stream with Support Telecom it's more a case of introducing the concept to other businesses within your business community, and explaining how our Partner Programme works. This can be done over coffee, over the phone, via a video conference call (e.g. Zoom/Skype etc) by email, or even via social media

As new Business Partners join, this generates monthly commissions from the value of their telephone bills and the bills of the Business Partners they subsequently introduce

Commissions are paid on all bills, up to five levels deep within your Matrix, you qualify as soon as you refer your first bill-paying Business Partner

How are commissions calculated?

Commissions are calculated as a percentage of all Business Partners' telephone bills on your Matrix, down to five levels deep

Please watch the video on the link below which explains how the Matrix works

How often are commissions paid?

Commission is paid monthly in arrears directly into the bank account of your choice. You are responsible for any tax liabilities due on all commission payments. We strongly recommend that you take advice from a qualified accountant and/or solicitor for guidance in this area

In fact, your accountants and solicitors would make ideal Business Partners

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What level of income can be achieved?

The amount of monthly commission that can be achieved simply depends on the number of Partners you and your Partners introduce to our Partner Programme, or in other words – the size of your Matrix and the overall value of their combined telephone bills

Please see our video for a full explanation:

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Is this sustainable?

With over 5.4 million small to medium sized enterprises currently operating in the UK, we believe this opportunity is definitely sustainable, especially as we intend to add new services in the future including mobile, gas, electricity and water -  to name but a few

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Is there a contract?

Yes, we offer an agreement, the initial term is 12 months, then monthly rolling thereafter

Download and read our Partner Programme Agreements here:

Referral Partner Agreement
Business Partner Agreement

What if I am already in contract with my current provider?

If you are still in contract you may join as a Referral Partner and simply give your current supplier notice until you are free to move your telephone line rental and call traffic over to Support Telecom in the future, at which point you will become a Business Partner

Can private individuals join the programme?

Yes, if you do not have a business telephone bill, but would like to introduce your business contacts to our Partner Programme; you can simply become a Referral Partner 

Once your Business Partners start using our service and paying their bills, you start to receive monthly commission

How long does all this take to get set up?

Once registered, it takes an average of 10 working days for Support Telecom to transfer your telephone traffic to our service; however, you may start referring new Partners immediately

All Partners have 24/7 access to our Partner Portal, which allows you to view your Partner Community, track their growth and see your commission payments

You may access our Portal

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It's FREE to join