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At Support Telecom, our mission is to create unlimited monthly residual income for all our Partners

Sounds too good to be true?

Have you ever wondered why companies receive so many calls from Telecom operators, re-sellers and dealers?

Well, it’s simple, they’re all after a slice of the profit!

Here at Support Telecom we’ve created a Partner Programme designed to share our profits with our Partners, curious?

Here’s how it works, you become a Partner by simply joining our Partner Programme

We have two types of Partners:

Business Partner: Makes referrals and uses Support Telecom's service's

Referral Partner: Only makes referrals

In either case you simply refer our Partner Programme to your business contacts, typically these will include, industry colleagues, suppliers, supporters (if you are a charity) customers and even friends

We will work with you to help you grow your Support Telecom business community and, by sharing profits, we will help you to develop a substantial monthly residual income for your future

In addition, Support Telecom also offers the following benefits:

  • A welcome pack, to help get you started
  • Regular webinars and live meetings
  • Monthly commission payments
  • Access to our 24/7 Crowdsharing platform
  • A seamless transfer of service
  • Free itemised on-line billing
  • Free Fraud protection
  • Retention of all existing telephone numbers
  • Free support

We believe we have a unique and valuable service to offer all our Partners and you’re invited to join the growing number of Support Telecom Partners throughout the UK

Talk to the person who referred you to our website, complete the box on the right or call 0800 804 8800 for further information

See our Partner Programme Agreements here:

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