Crowdsharing – a different approach to business funding

Crowdfunding is a concept that has gained ground as a means of funding start-ups and special projects. It has been very successful for projects that have caught the ‘crowd’s’ imagination

However, we’ve turned this on its head – and created Crowdsharing

This isn’t about persuading a large number of people you don’t know to invest in your business with no guaranteed return. It’s about showing a small number of people that you DO know how to make money for their future – whilst doing the same yourself

Even better, our Partner Programme doesn’t require you to put up any cash – just a small amount of your time

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one – unless you don’t have time to talk to your business associates – accountant, solicitor, suppliers, customers and spend maybe 15 minutes explaining how it works

How does it work?

What are the overheads that no business can function without? Phone, broadband, computers (try removing any of these and most businesses will grind to a halt) – and there is a cost to these

For now we’re looking at the phone element of these – you have to pay a phone bill every month and, depending on the size of business you have, this can run into hundreds of pounds. What you may not know is that a substantial percentage of this is pure profit for your provider

If you could get a share of that profit, would that be of interest?

If you answered ‘yes’ then this opportunity will work for you

It’s not difficult to do – all you need to do is introduce a minimum of one business to become a Partner. Once they’ve joined you receive a percentage of their phone bill. When they refer additional people, you’ll get a share of each of those bills also. In other words, we’re sharing the profit with people – that’s why we call it Crowdsharing

As your Partners’ network grows your monthly earnings increase – and it costs nothing. No entry fee, no monthly subscription – you just transfer your phone traffic to us and pay your bill as usual, until you find your profit share gradually increases to well above the value of your telephone bill

It’s not magic – in fact, when you look at it everyone wins:

  • The more people you introduce, the larger your monthly residual income
  • Your business associates get the same benefits (brownie points for you)
  • Support Telecom’s network of Partners also grows

Crowdsharing is a concept that just works!

If you like the sound of this you can join as a Partner by either completing the form on the home page or call us on 0800 804 8800

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