How Support Telecom Partners can thrive in a socially-distanced economy

Flexibility has always been essential to remaining competitive but UK businesses have had their flexibility tested to its limits in recent months due to the colossal upheaval of the British economy in the historic 2020 ‘lockdown’. Some industries and entrepreneurs have worked overtime to capitalise on the new opportunities, while others have been hanging on with gritted teeth and some have collapsed altogether. As SMEs and large Plc's wait for a new equilibrium to emerge in their markets they are grappling with how to maintain some sense of business continuity in the new socially distanced world where working from home has become the ‘new norm’ in many industries, almost overnight. 

Support Telecom is a business telecoms provider aiming to disrupt the UK telecoms market with its innovative "Crowdsharing" profit model, and CEO Mike Allison, believes that the current environment where businesses must work in a more socially distanced way, is no barrier to growth for Partners in their programme. On the contrary, everything needed to grow a significant residual income through Support Telecom’s Partner Programme can be done from home, and critically at this time, without spending any money. 

“I’ve spoken to many MDs and business leaders during the lockdown and they are all facing tough decisions about how to deploy their time and resources to best effect in this difficult climate. Thankfully our Partners can continue to build a revenue stream and many are finding now is the perfect time as it can easily be done from home.” 

“Relationships are the oxygen of business and effective leaders are proactively connecting with their networks right now, whether customers, suppliers or membership organisations. Our Business Partners are simply sharing the Support Telecom "Crowdsharing" opportunity with their contacts in natural ways, in the everyday course of their business – whether through a phone call, a video meeting, over Zoom, TEAMs etc, a conversation on LinkedIn or Facebook or a simple email,” explains Mike Allison

“Our Partners love it because referring a contact to the Programme doesn’t involve asking them to spend any money, and we all know businesses are suspending all unnecessary spend right now. Instead, they simply explain that to get in on the profit-sharing approach, their contacts need only to transfer an existing cost – their monthly phone bill – over to the Support Telecom network.” Mike Allison’s message to business leaders is simple: “If you are going to have to pay out for a phone contract anyway, why not consider becoming a Business Partner with Support Telecom and start to create a strong monthly residual income. It can all be done with a computer, from home, and the potential is unlimited.” 

Support Telecom provides full resources for all their Partners to enable them to easily and naturally share the opportunity with their business contacts. To find out more visit or phone 0800 804 8800.

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