New ‘crowdsharing’ profit model set to disrupt the UK telecoms industry

The business telecommunications industry in the UK generates billions of pounds in profit every year, with the lion’s share being paid out to shareholders of big multi-nationals. Now Support Telecom, an experienced player in the business telecoms sector, is pioneering a new model that aims to disrupt all that by "Crowdsharing" the profits from all monthly phone bills to its Partners – owners of SMEs, public organisations and private individuals.  

Founder Mike Allison believes this model has the potential to shift millions of pounds of profit each month away from Telco’s and into the pockets of small business owners/private individuals up and down the country. 

Support Telecom is a business telecoms service provider that enables all businesses to leverage the cost of their phone bill to generate a residual income stream. When a business switches its landline telecoms contract over to Support Telecom they do not become a customer in the traditional sense – instead they become a Business Partner set to receive a share of the profits. Any further businesses they refer to the Programme become part of their unique Matrix, with commission or profit-share being paid monthly based on the value of the bills in their Matrix

“We believe this is a first for the UK and are excited to be able to offer small and medium business owners the opportunity to take a relatively fixed cost like a phone bill which they have to pay anyway, and turn that into a potential profit stream simply by re-inventing the model,” says Mike Allison, founder of Support Telecom

“We have carefully designed a transparent, five level Matrix system with increasing commission rates per level, to give all Partners in the programme an opportunity to grow their income stream.” 

Our Partners begin to make a profit as soon as they successfully refer one Business Partner to the Programme. At level one of their Matrix, they will earn equivalent to 1% of the value of their referred Partners’ phone bills each month. At level two, they will earn 2%, and so on, all the way up to 5% at level 5. By sharing profits in this way, any Partner can potentially earn thousands of pounds every month in residual income, due to the compounding effect as the network grows. 

“Smart business owners are always looking for creative ways to cut costs and increase revenue to improve their overall profitability. At Support Telecom we can turn the existing cost of your monthly phone bill into a revenue stream. Our services are exclusively carried by Gamma Telecom, one of Europe’s leading telecoms providers with excellent credentials and carbon neutral status, so there is no compromise on quality or technical capability.” 

Mike Allison and the team from Support Telecom look forward to welcoming more businesses and individuals as Partners into the network. “Together we can disrupt the status quo.” To find out more about how this unique five level Matrix crowdsharing model from Support Telecom works in practice, watch this video:  


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