Stay or Switch?

In the UK there’s been a massive increase in the number of people who have switched their energy suppliers.  For most people that’s the gas and electricity in their homes – and they do it because it saves them money

But what about saving money on phone services?  And what about businesses – who usually have a hefty phone bill?

The challenge for most businesses is that they believe that their only option is BT – for better or worse!  This isn’t the case – and switching to a different supplier doesn’t mean you lose the support if something doesn’t work

Switching is easy – it happens within a couple of weeks and you won’t notice any difference at all.  There’s no pain to go through, no disruption to your business, a contract that matches the one you’ve currently got – and, if you choose the right organisation, over time you can trim your phone bill down to zero!

That’s what we do – help companies to reduce their phone bills to nothing!

Better for business

Why choose to switch to Support Telecom to provide your phone service?

  • Support Telecom is regulated by Ofcom – in the same way as BT – and has to meet their rigorous standards
  • You get the same line, the same service, but better care and customer service
  • If something goes wrong call us and we’ll register your fault straight away – and the OpenReach engineers will respond to fix your fault
  • If the problem is with software we are often able to fix this remotely – and quickly
  • The support team are based in the UK – and keep you in the loop at every step of the way
  • If you introduce other business people you’ll get a share of the profits – that means that, depending on the size of their bill and the number of people you introduce, you can reduce your bill to zero in time

But, better still, create an unlimited monthly residual income for life!

Flexible options to work for your business

Most business face a challenge when they’ve signed up for a contract with BT – and while that’s usually 12 months, there are longer contracts – so step one will be to check the small print on your existing contract

To make it easy for businesses Support Telecom can offer you three options:

  1. If you’re locked into your current contract for several more months that doesn’t stop you introducing other businesses – and you can still benefit from the profit share. Then you can switch when your existing contract expires
  2. You can retain your BT line rental – and switch your calls contract over. Then you’ll be on a one month rolling contract and could switch back with just one month’s notice if you decide to
  3. You can switch your line rental AND calls over. This means you’ll need to make that commitment to a 12 month contract – just as with BT

Doesn’t it make sense to get a better experience, the same service – and get paid commission for everyone you introduce?  BT keep all the profit that’s generated from the bill you pay – we share our profit so our customers benefit

This doesn’t mean you have to get involved with a hard sell – we really don’t recommend our members do that.  It’s about educating your business connections.  Everyone wants to help their Partners if they can – and if generates you an income – and potentially also helps the person you are introducing make money too – it’s a no brainer!

If you like the sound of this you can join as a Partner by either completing the form on the home page or call us on 0800 804 8800

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