Support Telecom announces exclusive partnership with Gamma

Support Telecom is delighted to announce that it has entered into an exclusive partnership with Gamma, a leading supplier of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) in the UK, Dutch, Spanish and German business markets. 

Support Telecom takes an innovative ‘crowdsharing’ approach to business phone services, whereby all customers – known as ‘Partners’ – share in the profits through a transparent Matrix system, turning the fixed cost of their monthly phone bill into a residual income stream. The company’s services will now be exclusively carried by Gamma, one of the most trusted communications network providers in the UK. 

“We are absolutely thrilled to be working with Gamma. They are an award-winning company with outstanding environmental credentials and certified carbon neutral status. Their technical capability is world-class, ensuring that SMEs who join the Support Telecom network receive the very best call quality and customer service,” explains Mike Allison, CEO of Support Telecom

“Business is all about trust, and having personally worked with Gamma in the telecoms industry for nearly two decades now, I know their excellent reputation is well deserved. I have full confidence in both their technical pedigree and ethical standards,” continues Mike Allison

Support Telecom is proud to offer potential customers the opportunity to leverage their phone bill to create a residual income, without any compromise on service, quality or technical capability. 

Gamma has an impressive list of industry awards to its name, including Best Company to Work for, and was the first network in the sector to be certified as carbon neutral. 

“Our exclusive partnership with Gamma as the sole network carrier for Support Telecom’s services, ensures that all our ‘Partners’ receive the very best service available, with the important benefit of creating a residual income with potential for significant growth,” concludes Mike Allison

To find out more about switching your company’s phone bill to the Support Telecom network and becoming a Business Partner, watch this video:  

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