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The question of whether to switch utility suppliers comes around from time to time and is often one of those decisions that gets shoved to the bottom of the pile while more urgent, and quite honestly, more interesting issues, vie for our attention. And yet, most business leaders will concede that getting the best value for money does in fact matter, including phone bills. 

Mike Allison has worked in the telecoms industry for more than 30 years, and as the founder of Mayflower and Support Telecom, has specialist expertise in supporting business customers with their communications needs. “It can be easy to think the main reason that businesses switch telecoms suppliers is because they’ve found a cheaper offer elsewhere, but in my experience, price comes around third on the list.” 

“I’ve found that the most common reason why businesses will switch their phone supplier is because they feel the existing company has become indifferent, and doesn’t seem to put the same effort into the relationship as they did at the outset. Business leaders want to feel that their suppliers are championing their cause and care about their success, and if a sales person for a competing supplier shows more interest and makes more effort, eventually that alone can be enough impetus to switch. The technical quality of the service may be no different, and the price no better, but the business will switch because they feel more valued.” 

This insight is one of the reasons why Mike is so confident that the new "Crowdsharing" Programme pioneered by his company, Support Telecom, has the ingredients for success. “Buy-in all comes down to confidence, and I want our existing Partners, and those considering making the switch, to understand why it will be worth spending their time sharing this opportunity with their business contacts.” 

Any business that switches its phone bill from an existing supplier to Support Telecom becomes a Business Partner and has the opportunity to receive a share of the profits, relative to the number of other businesses they have successfully referred to the Programme. The more businesses they refer, who also in turn refer others, the larger and faster their unique Matrix will become. As companies begin to see cash in their account each month, just from having their phone bill with Support Telecom, there is a strong incentive to stay connected. 

“It’s worth pointing out that this is not a pyramid marketing scheme as every Partner has a fair opportunity to develop an income stream up to 5 levels deep on their Matrix; Partners who successfully develop their network to 5 levels, can realistically expect to earn a considerable amount of money each month – just for having their phone bill with us,” explains Mike Allison

His message to business owners is clear: “switching your phone bill to Support Telecom won’t cost you more, you’ll keep the same number, and you’ll receive outstanding care and customer service. Most importantly though, as you begin to refer other businesses to this unique "Crowdsharing" opportunity, you’ll begin building a residual income that arrives in your bank account each month. In time, not only will your phone bill effectively be paid for, but you’ll make a tidy sum on top.” 

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